Saturday, June 25, 2011

You might be gay if...

You might be gay if...

  • You think a gay scout master is going to turn your son gay.
  • You think allowing your daughter to visit her friend and her "two moms" will turn her into a lesbian.
  • You think the gay guy at your gym is going to hit on you.
  • You think that allowing gay people to marry will "destroy the fabric of society."

You see, while I have some gay friends and relatives, and I love them all, I could never, ever imagine myself having a gay sexual encounter. Not that I think there is anything wrong with it, I just physically can't imagine it. It's easier for me to imaging jamming a pen in my eye. Those I know who play for the other team have told me that they feel pretty much the same way about having heterosexual relations.

So, when I talk to narrow-minded homophobes who are afraid that gay people will influence their children, or somehow destabilize their comfortable little reality, I can't help but think they can imagine being "turned gay." And if so, I figure they already are and they just haven't accepted it yet.

Get over it! Your friends will still love you and if not, they're not your friends.

Most of all, stop trying to limit the rights of those who have accepted who they are.

New York finally figured it out. How about you?

*Thanks (or apologies) to Jeff Foxworthy

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