Tuesday, July 5, 2011

While you were away...

In the past seven weeks since the Casey Anthony trial has been in session, 81 American service members have died in Afghanistan, and 17 in Iraq. Roughly 143,000 homes were repossessed, and the unemployment rate hasn't changed significantly, at least according to the data available to date. The Republicans walked out of Biden's budget negotiations because the Democrats continued to try to negotiate. They have also continued to be against anything that the Obama administration is for, even if they were previously in favor of it. The middle class is still waiting for the benefits of the Bush tax cuts to "trickle down," And Andrew Cuomo is considering allowing the resumption of hydrofracking in parts of New York (the parts where he can afford to lose votes?)

Now that the Anthony jury has delivered their verdict, maybe we can get back to paying attention to stuff that might actually have a significant impact on our lives.

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