Thursday, June 16, 2011

The "failed" stimulus?

That's what the Republicans call it. They said the same thing about FDR's stimulus initiatives during the Great Depression. They say it was our involvement in WWII that got us out of the depression. And with that statement, they have strangled themselves with their own twisted logic.

What is a stimulus? It's an infusion of cash into the economy. Supporting our involvement in WWII was the reason for infusing a huge amount of cash into the economy in addition to what was added to fund the various work programs and infrastructure projects. This proves that if FDR's oringinal "stimulus" didn't work, as the Republicans claim, it is because it was too small. The same logic applies today. While it is inaccurate to say that Obama's stimulus failed, history tells us that it would have had a much greater positive impact if it was larger.

But this morning on the news, I heard a pundit say that Obama's in a bad position right now because he can't do another stimulus. They failed to mention that the only reason he can't is because the Republicans won't let him. They made sure the original stimulus was too small to be sufficient. Why would they add to it now?

All this is just another tactic in their battle to defeat Obama in 2012. But there is collateral damage: jobs for the middle class. And that's OK, because the Republicans can twist logic even further to blame Obama for that, too. Mission accomplished.

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