Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Sexting" is nothing new

Before we get too indignant about the recent wave of embarrassing congressional "sexting" scandals, I think it is important to put things in perspective. Congressman Weiner and that other guy from western New York who resigned after someone found a bare-chested pic on line are simply carrying on a long tradition of participating in risqué communique with political groupies. Let's look at the historic record.

The father of our country was not only a great patriot, he was also cut! You don't survive a winter in Valley Forge without shedding a few unsightly pounds. Add a few crunches in the morning before reveille and you've got the makings of an excellent body building program. The records show that General Washington slept in a bed in a house in a town in pretty much every one of the thirteen colonies. There are plenty of roadside placards to substantiate my claim. During those colonial one-night stands, the General cultivated quite a following. They called themselves "Washington's Minute maidens." It has never been documented what the significance of the "minute" reference was. General Washington would simply grin when asked. Recently, during the restoration process, a letter was found tucked between the canvas and frame of the painting shown on the right. It reads,
I hope u had an xelent nite.
I no I did. Wen nxt in town,
we shall resume r heated discussion.
Yrs, G.  
I know some of my readers may doubt the validity of  my claim, but all you need to do is go to Wikipedia and look it up— just give me 15 minutes to get there first.

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  1. Although I admit it was an abysmally idiotic thing to do, I have no problem with Weiner sexting around. At least he didn't run on family values, unlike some page-chasing or airport-bathroom-stall-tapping republican legislators.
    The sad thing is that he was the only democrat willing to yell at the republicans, exposing and bringing public attention to their hypocrisy, breaking the normally soul-sucking ESPN stupor whence political sausages get made. That's not going to work anymore; all the other side has to do is to work a Weiner's wiener joke into the retort, and that is what will make the news instead. By guaranteeing that he will get pwned every time he opens his mouth he has completely lost his effectiveness.